About Me

Jen is a Grand Ledge, Michigan resident, pursuing a career in human resources. Ten years work experience in customer service. Jen loves working with and helping people in her community. She is an ongoing volunteer at the American Red Cross, working as an Administration Office Assistant at the Mid-Michigan Chapter, Lansing Michigan and occasional volunteer at Habitat for Humanity. Jen holds a certificate of achievement in massage therapy from Lansing Community College and a Cosmetology license from Excel Academies of Cosmetology. Jen is an aspiring hairstylist. Who is a full time student at Davenport University, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Mission statement

A personal mission statement that is very strong and effective is to live life to the fullest. Never let regrets get you down; they will just ruin your life always living in the past thinking about what could have happened. It is very important to be proactive, always take responsibility for your life yourself. Blaming others for everything wrong that happens in life will make you wishy-washy kind of person. Companies will not want to hire someone that is always blaming others for everything. Going through school it is important to always keep the end in mind and think about the goals that you have been working for so long, if you are on the right track. Always try the best and work hard showing pride in the work that is done. Find a better balance with physical, social, mental, and spiritual needs in life itself, to stay healthy and be stable in life.